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Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time. Agora is an invite only Founders’ Club that facilitates success by enhancing founder prosperity.


Join Agora and be inspired by the shared knowledge, drive and exceptional talent of a trailblazing community.


Gain access to a calendar of events that will inspire, inform and nurture, in the UK and beyond.

Mental Fitness: movement + meditation

This workshop forms part of the AGORA Wellness Series and is co-hosted with Head Talks. Head Talks aims to inform, inspire and engage those interested in the mind and mental wel...

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The evolution of AGORA has been three years in the making… almost to the day. It was 28th April 2015 that the first email was sent - a call to...

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Agora Wellness Series: Tools for Wellbeing in the Workplace

This month – which happens to be Stress Awareness Month – we’re focusing on health and performance in the workplace. Most Founders are well aware of the impact that stress,...

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Kajal Sanghrajka…. is on a quest to help the best European companies to successfully grow in the US at Growth Hub. She writes and edit a monthly publication, the Transatlantic Post,...

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  • Anthony Cotton

    Anthony Cotton


    Founder of Dressd. Agora events are a great way to meet other like minded people who are building their own businesses. It also offers a space to be able to discuss issues you may be facing as a start up with others who understand what you are going through.

  • Tessa Packard

    Tessa Packard


    Agora is always an inspiring evening with a relaxed atmosphere that gives you access to the advice and knowledge of industry experts and enables you to connect with like-minded business associates

  • Nick Birkett

    Nick Birkett


    Founder of Elefant. Within 3 months of joining, Agora had got our business coverage in a national UK newspaper.