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Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time. Agora is an invite only Founders’ Club that facilitates success by enhancing founder prosperity.


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Wolfpack, IGO and Tribe Discuss….Team Spirit

There is definitely an increasing amount of hype about company culture etc etc, how to implement a successful one/retain employees, increase wellbeing. And there is hype for a r...

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Latest Blog Entries

Agora Guru, Olivia Thorpe: Quick Fire Interview

This month's Agora Guru is Olivia Thorpe, Founder of luxurious skincare brand, Vanderohe. Having launched her hero product at the beginning of this year, she's already won the Beauty Shortlist Award...

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Agora Wellness Series: Human Connection

We all know the usual checklist for wellbeing: eat well, exercise, get proper rest. But not as widely emphasised is another critical factor: social connection. Humans are profoundly social creatures....

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Mental Health in Startups

On Mental Health Awareness Day, Agora was featured in the Independent, speaking on mental health in startups. It's an article that I helped Hazel Sheffield put together after meeting her...

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  • Anthony Cotton

    Anthony Cotton


    Founder of Dressd. Agora events are a great way to meet other like minded people who are building their own businesses. It also offers a space to be able to discuss issues you may be facing as a start up with others who understand what you are going through.

  • Tessa Packard

    Tessa Packard


    Agora is always an inspiring evening with a relaxed atmosphere that gives you access to the advice and knowledge of industry experts and enables you to connect with like-minded business associates

  • Nick Birkett

    Nick Birkett


    Founder of Elefant. Within 3 months of joining, Agora had got our business coverage in a national UK newspaper.