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Building Sh*t That Matters: Technology That Solves Real Problems

September 27, 2017 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Building Sh8t That Matters

This year has seen an artificial intelligence system beat professional poker players at a notoriously difficult game for machines to master. The world is consumed by technology, by data. The future can look scary BUT amidst the noise, there is positive innovation.

Agora is a Founders’ Club that is driving start up growth – powering the extraordinary and bringing together talent from across the globe – a channel of connectivity that provides access, knowledge share, strength in support and an ability to balance.

The foundations of the club are built on the ability of a human to innovate, to build, to achieve.

Building Sh8t That Matters will celebrate this age of innovation and inclusivity, of building technology that is solving real problems.


  • Short keynotes from the three panellists;
  • Q&A panel discussion;
  • Q&A.

There will be refreshments and light nibbles.


Rewiring the Brain: Unlocking the power of NeuroVR

Can immersive reality actually help us better understand each other? Understand ourselves? How does human cognitive processing change, or is enhanced, once VR and AR are in the mix, and what does that mean for our (future) sense of self? What is the impact of literally ‘putting oneself in somebody else’s shoes’ and what that means for human empathy?

Exploring recent findings on the treatment of phobias, PTSD and mental health issues using VR, and theories around the virtual-physical illusion of presence, this webinar asks how neuroscience has been affected and/or advanced by the development of immersive tech.


How technology empower citizen science: Exploring the last frontier on Earth with underwater drones

Can we really connect with the ocean from our smart phones? Increase our understanding and learn about the big blue through a digital diving mask?

What will we discover when we suddenly enter the world hidden below the waves – and how do we utilize these discoveries for the better? Will we change the way we take on marine wildlife? Is this the beginning of a new era of exploration?

Exploring the Ocean reveals not only the beauty, but also the impact humans have on marine wildlife through our way of living. This talk dives into the advantages – and the responsability – that comes with democratisation of the deep sea.

Olivier Mukuta

How new technology can improve humanitarian work and remittance services: Unlocking the power of Diaspora and private donors towards the economic development in the developing countries.

Taking into account a lack of access to internet and smartphones, how can new technology improves aid workers’ and beneficiaries’ access to money, goods and services?

Can a decentralized identity management help people recover/establish their identities and maintains data privacy and portability where needed?  Through my life experience, this conversation dives into the advantages and the responsibility of NGO’s, entrepreneur, investors, diaspora and private donors towards the development needed in the developing countries, and how the company VipiCash is solving some of the problems mentioned above.



Cutting Edge Festival

The Cutting Edge festival is Norway’s largest interdisciplinary business jam session for scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs, investors and policy makers. It it taking place on Tuesday 26th September. I’m highlighting this as it’s the day before Building Sh*t The Matters and if you’re travelling over from the UK, it would be well worth attending this to.

To give the back story to where this event came about….

I travelled to Oslo back in March for the launch of the Extreme Tech Challenge. As part of the launch I travelled up to Haugastol with a diverse, spirited, awesome group of tech entrepreneurs from around the globe – a trip I will remember forever! It opened my eyes to the beauty of Norway, to the Nordic people who’s spirit, energy & pure focused clarity of thought I loved & admired… & to their entirely kick ass start up community. AND it was on this trip, that I met Rolf Assev (Start Up Lab), Jorn Haarnes (Oslo Business Region), Isabelle Ringnes & Christene Spiten.

Fast forward to my return & I was invited to host an event at Oslo Innovation week in September. I am very excited & hugely honoured to be taking Agora to Norway & being part of OIW!

Enormous thanks go to Start Up Lab for hosting & supporting the eve, to Oslo Business Region for inviting me to host & to Isabelle Ringnes, Luciana Carvalho Se & Christen Spiten for joining the panel.

StartupLab is an incubator for early stage technology startups, located in Oslo Science Park. They house 82 ambitious tech startups and help connect them with founder-friendly capital, clients, talent and advisors to help accelerate their growth. Since they were established in 2012 StartupLab has worked with 200 startups, 74% of them are still growing. StartupLab alumni companies include Zwipe, Huddly, Kahoot, ReMarkable and No Isolation.

  • Day 1 September 27, 2017
Isabelle Ringnes Founder
Christine Spiten Founder
Olivier Mukuta Founder
Luciana Carvalho Se Founder


September 27, 2017
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
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