EI will publish a blog post each month with tips’n’tricks that I’ve scooped up along my travels & any MUST READ books!


Hotjar – see how visitors are actually using your website. Brilliant!

Agile – CRM. Comes highly recommended. Free below a certain number of contacts & users.

Spectacle – oh so simple, yet ohhh you will use this a lot! Resize & move screens. It’s free.

Misch Masch – I know inboxes are sacred & you don’t need ANYTHING more filling them up, BUT… this is actually good. Latest stories in tech… relevant, valuable, free.


The Art of Losing Control


I am Emma Watkins, the Founder of Agora. My career began at systematic Investment Manager, Winton Capital Management, where I developed and ran the Charity, Sponsorship, Brand and Events Department. After 5 years, I moved on to become Operations Director at Fifty Media, a technology company focused on large scale analysis of social media data to redefine how brands fundamentally understand and engage their customers.